"Inspiring Kids With Cancer"

To inspire kids and families living with cancer to use Laughter & fun as the best medicine, while fighting the hard battles in life. To just keep going.

The Relay for Life Rap

Posted by The Chemo Crazies on Friday, October 16, 2015

About Us:
The Chemo Crazies were formed in May 2015, when Jayden (J-Dog) Morris aged 10 and Grant (G-Man) Gerken aged 48 were both undergoing treatment for incurable cancers in Christchurch.

J-Dog and G-Man immediately hit it off and in an attempt to distract from their treatments and to just have some fun they began producing videos which they uploaded to social media for their friends and family to enjoy. Little did they realise at that time that their crazy antics would not only become the source of much inspiration to so many people right across the world but at the same time just the medicine they needed to keep them going through the hard times.

And so the brand “The Chemo Crazies” was born, a platform that they then utilised to give back to others.

Unfortunately Jayden's outcome from this disease wasn't as we all hoped for. After a courageous eighteen month fight, Jayden sadly passed away in May 2016.

Grant luckily is still fighting and along with Jayden's parents, his little sister and close friends, we are intent in keeping Jayden's dream of “Inspiring Kids with Cancer” alive.

Our Packs

The Chemo Crazies aim is to provide a "prescription pack" to children undergoing cancer treatment. We hope to put a smile on their face and provide a distraction for a brief moment from what they are facing.

Contents of Pack

Book: "We're the Chemo Crazies, Who are you?": An inspirational cartoon styled book depicting J-Dog & G-Man having fun while involved in their crazy off the wall antics.

"Crazy Chemo Journey" Board Game: A snakes and ladder inspired board game where the aim is to get from Hospital to Home with the help of The Chemo Crazies J-Dog and G-Man.

Wristbands: “Chemo Powered” glow-in-the-dark wristbands for the whole family.

Building Blocks: 16 individually lettered and hand made building blocks designed to assist children become more familiar with terms that they will encounter during their treatment and to have fun doing so.

Sunglasses: Bright "Sunshine Inspired” Yellow Sunglasses with “The Chemo Crazies” logo and brand.

Our own "Chemo Crazies" signature Pin.

“Funny Face” Stress ball.

Help Us / Donate

Help us keep the wheels turning and the packs being produced.

To sponsor a pack is $30, however any donation no matter how big or small is hugely appreciated and will be put to the best use possible. "The Chemo Crazies" is an incorporated Charitable Trust

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